Clean Air Power is pleased to announce that it is now supplying into a number of UK and US rail projects to demonstrate the benefits of Servojet injection technology in passenger rail applications.  Dan Skelton, CEO comments ‘Clean Air Power have long been at the forefront of gas injection and look forward to supporting our Tier 1 industry partners through the supply of our high flow rate, high power, precision injectors and related technology into this new and challenging sector.  We continue to innovate and look for new applications where we can demonstrate how our technology can help to decarbonise in the most difficult of applications.’ 

Clean Air Power have successfully supplied both technology and products to a number of high-profile companies in the commercial vehicle sector.  Founded in 1992, their technology is found in natural gas, dual fuel and hydrostatic transmission applications where high flow rates and control are required to maximise efficiency and performance.  Clean Air Power have operations based in San Diego, California in the US and in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire in the UK.


Clean Air Power and Enserv EIS GmbH have agreed terms for the supply of Clean Air Power’s gas injectors to Daimler A.G.  Dan Skelton, CEO commented ‘we are delighted to provide our high-speed precision gas injectors for this bus and truck application. We have had a close relationship with our German partners for many years and look forward to developing new opportunities in the near future.’

Clean Air Power have successfully supplied both technology and products to a number of high-profile companies in the commercial vehicle sector.  Founded in 1992, their technology is found in natural gas, dual fuel and hydrostatic transmission applications where high flow rates and control are required to maximise efficiency and performance.  Clean Air Power have operations based in San Diego, California in the US and in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire in the UK.


Clean Air Power are pleased to announce that they are now under new ownership as a 100% subsidiary of Clean Air Holdings Limited. 

Dan Skelton, incoming President and CEO commented 'The hunt for credible alternatives to higher power diesel applications has never been greater and while the penetration of electric vehicles into passenger car markets has been impressive, natural gas continues to demonstrate its position as the optimum solution for high power applications requiring efficiency, range and fast refuelling.'   

'Clean Air Power has a long and respected reputation quietly providing key components utilised in a number of natural gas and transmission applications while also developing the market leading natural gas dual fuel technology for high power commercial vehicles. Renowned for supplying products of high quality, accuracy and flow rate, Clean Air Power will continue to develop the business around the globe through both traditional and innovative business models.  We look forward to working closely with our suppliers and customers to share our experience and find new areas in which to grow and prosper.'

Clean Air Power have succesfully supplied both technology and products to a number of high profile companies in the commercial vehicle sector.  Founded in 1992, their technology is found in natural gas, dual fuel and hydrostatic transmission applications where high flow rates and control are required to maximise efficiency and performance.  Clean Air Power have operations based in San Diego, California in the US and in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire in the UK.

CARB and EPA Certification for Clean Air Power. The US market is officially open!

We are very pleased to announce that we have achieved certification by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for our US Genesis-EDGE Dual-Fuel™ product. Following the announcement of Environmental Protection Agency certification earlier this year, Genesis-EDGE Dual-Fuel™ product is now eligible for distribution and sale in all 50 US states. 

(CARB) certification concludes achieving US2010-compliant emissions levels required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced in December 2014, then receiving a Certificate of Conformity for 49 states. 

In addition to this milestone achievement, we are also pleased to announce that we have signed a distribution partnership agreement with TEC Equipment, Inc. (“TEC”), a leading Volvo and Mack truck dealership in the Western Region of the US. TEC currently operates 14 dealerships at locations along the West Coast, and further inland, spanning the states of California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. In partnership with Clean Air Power, TEC will offer full sales, installation and product support services for customers of Clean Air Power, Genesis-EDGE Dual-Fuel™ system.

Our CEO, John Pettitt said:  “I am very pleased that we have achieved certification for our Genesis-EDGE Dual-Fuel™ in California which, as well as being a significant market for natural gas vehicles, is also the Group’s home state. I am equally delighted that we have teamed up with TEC and that our Genesis-EDGE Dual-Fuel™ system is now available to customers across the Western region, so that we are now well placed to win the first orders for our product in the US.”

The first Volvo FM 6x4 tractor with methane - diesel engines

Source: Volvo Trucks Russia 

On 23 December 2014, Volvo Group Truck Center hosted a presentation for the transfer of the first Volvo FM 6x4 with methane - diesel vehicles for the company "Gazprom Transgaz Ekaterinburg" . The event was also attended by representatives of the companies of " Gazprom Neft - Transport " EMUP " Spetsavtobaza " , representatives of the Presidential Envoy to the Urals Federal District Sergey Vdovin . 

Video link here

Clean Air Power's Dual-Fuel™ Technology was on display on a converted CNG Volvo Truck

Gazprom, the largest extractor of natural gas in the world and one of the world's largest companies, opened a new natural gas fueling station in Astrakhan, Russia on September 5, 2014. Simple, economical and most importantly eco-friendly fuel will come directly to the station from the pipeline. The opening ceremony praised the work of the builders, technical and technological characteristics of the new station. The station is equipped with 2x2 filling points with adaptors, has a fill rate of 300 m3 per hour and will accommodate up to 150 fillings per day. Clean Air Power was apart of the opening day with it's technology fitted on a converted CNG Volvo truck. Volvo representatives were on site to answer all of the questions from potential customers and top-notch guests. Vlad Borysov, was in attendance on behalf of Clean Air Power discussing the Dual-Fuel technology and all of it’s benefits.

For a list of Gazprom Filling Stations click here

Opening Day Headlines:

Clean Air Power exhibited the latest version of the Genesis-EDGE for European markets on a Volvo FH460.

NGV2014 Brussels was held July 7-10 in the capital city of Belgium and the European Union. "Drive the change: bio CNG & LNG - the green, affordable and real alternative for all transport modes" was the theme of the 5th NGVA International show. There were 38 exhibitors from 15 countries representing the exciting technology for natural gas products. The meeting features included an exhibition where NGV-related companies from all over the world presented and promoted their latest products and services and a series of workshops covering key issues within the industry. 

NGV2014 Brussels is the most important event for the European NGV in 2014 and Clean Air Power was a featured company showing the latest technology. Visitors spent time in our booth discussing the perspective and future plans, being aware of infrastructure and distribution costs across the different European countries. Read more highlights on the exhibition page.

Clean Air Power teamed up with UPS showcasing the next step for Dual-Fuel Technology

Clean Air Power teamed up with UPS this past May for the ACT Expo. Exhibited at this show was the Genesis-EDGE Dual-Fuel™ system for Volvo D13 and MACK MP8 engines on a UPS vehicle. UPS has provided 10 MACK MP8 powered tractors for durability trials. They have had the Clean Air Power Genesis-EDGE Dual-Fuel™ system installed for demonstration & optimization. The trucks have been operating out of the UPS facility in Ontario, CA which is home to an LCNG fuel station, and are performing in day to day commercial operations. The 10 trucks have completed over 500,000 miles which has provided invaluable information and data on performance reliability.  

Ride & Drive
This event took place on the second day led by Matt and Vinnie, Clean Air Power's Product Support Technicians, as they took potential prospects on a ride to see firsthand the technology in our demo vehicle, a Volvo VNL670. The Ride and Drive really offers attendees a firsthand look at alternative fuel and clean technology vehicles - a big success!


ACT Expo 2014 was a co-located event with NGV Global. Over 4000 were in attendance at this year’s largest clean fleet expo in North America. View the event summary here.

Expo Hall Floor

More than 200 of the industry’s leading fueling, equipment and technology providers took over the Long Beach Convention Center offering a wide range of clean transportation solutions for all vehicle applications, weight classes and alternative fuel types. We were busy 3 days straight while the floor was open, discussing Dual-Fuel™ Technology and how companies can save with natural gas.

Mike Britt, Director of Maintenance and Engineering, International Operations Corporate Automotive for UPS requested to have his interview held in our booth, using Clean Air Power as a backdrop as result of our trial fleet going on now. The interview was with GNA discussing the positive changes and advancements natural gas is making on a global scale. Find the video here!


Speaker Invite

Kevin Campbell, Clean Air Power's Business Development Director, was asked to be a panelist on the discussion topic “Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Retrofits”, with over 150 people in the room, he was able to set the tone as the first speaker. This session allowed Natural Gas system suppliers to provide details on their aftermarket solutions to provide new engine products to the market and immediate cost and emissions savings to heavy-duty truck operators. Case studies were presented on leading fleets incorporating these systems into their operations. Covered by the panelists were updates on the market penetration, market projections, and key issues for end users. Kevin’s presentation was titled “Commercial Launch of Volvo US 2010 Genesis-EDGE Product” and through the course of his presentation he discussed our technology, the North American market, and what’s next for Clean Air Power. 

GNA had a goal set out to make sure that this year’s ACT Expo allowed everyone to walk away with more ideas, contacts, knowledge, and inspiration. This was accomplished as this may have been one of Clean Air Power’s most successful tradeshows to date! 




Clean Air Power celebrates as company awarded contract to provide supermarket giant with 50 more dual-fuel truck retrofits

Publication: Business Green
By James Murray

Diesel and gas are unlikely to ever be described as genuinely "green" fuels, but for a UK technology firm and one of the country's largest retailers they are delivering significant reductions in both carbon emissions and air pollution.

It emerged this week that supermarket giant Sainsbury's has placed the latest in a series of orders with Clean Air Power Limited, which will see the Leyland-based haulage technology specialist fit its Genesis-EDGE Dual-Fuel to 50 Sainsbury's trucks. The new trucks will join 49 Clean Air Power Genesis-EDGE trucks and eight methane diesel installations that the company has already delivered to Sainsbury's distribution fleet, following orders in 2012 and 2013.

The expanded fleet is to operate out of the retailer's Emerald Park Distribution Centre in Bristol, where a dedicated gas refuelling station will allow the trucks to serve much of Wales and the South West. Speaking following last year's initial order of the Genesis-EDGE system Nick Davies, Sainsbury's head of transport operations, said the new technology had been successfully trialled and would now play a major role in helping the company meet its "very stretching target for carbon reduction in our transport fleet". "Our early adoption of this technology is helping to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and future proof our fuel supply, which are both fundamental to the long-term sustainability of our business," he added.

For the uninitiated, a technology that combines gas and diesel fuels may not sound like it promises much in the way of carbon savings, but John Pettitt, chief executive of Clean Air Power, reveals how displacing pure diesel engines with a dual-fuel approach can deliver carbon savings of at least 10 per cent. "We inject a measured amount of gas into the cylinder and this gas goes into the air stream, then our engine control unit tells the diesel injector to release a smaller amount of diesel - all opf this is done in four milliseconds," he explains. "The total amount of energy released is the same, but it has come from a blend of natural gas and diesel... about 60 per cent of the diesel is replaced by gas."

The net result is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of around a tenth for a haulage sector that finds emissions reductions notoriously difficult to come by. "If you are company such as Sainsbury's with a very green agenda and you have diesel trucks you don't have many options available currently," Pettitt argues. "You can do some great things with aerodynamics and we are seeing people make improvements in that area, but ultimately you have to look at a way of burning less diesel. Our technology delivers a 10 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions - that is a material saving... You are cutting emissions by 17 to 20 tonnes a year, depending on the mileage."

Read the entire article here

Clean Air Power has announced two new orders this week, securing one at home and another abroad.

The Leyland-based company, a developer and global leader in dual-fuel engine management systems for heavy duty vehicles, announces that it received an order for 19 of its Genesis-EDGE, Dual-Fuel trucks from a major distribution company in the UK, worth around £500,000. The trucks will be fitted with Clean Air Power’s Genesis-EDGE system at its facility in Lancashire.

This was followed by an order from its German distributor worth around £300,000 for its natural gas injectors that  will be used in the manufacture of a 7-litre medium-duty spark ignited natural gas engine by a global truck manufacturer. The engine, which is suitable for use in vehicles such as buses and refuse vehicles, is to be aimed at the growing Russian market where the government there has set out plans to encourage the use of natural gas as a road fuel throughout the country.

Chief executive John Pettitt said: “The strong demand for our products is being driven by the expansion of Europe’s natural gas refuelling network and the increased supply of vehicles available to retrofit as a result of the high level of late Euro 5 vehicle purchases made at the end of 2013.

“With further European orders expected imminently and the launch of new products in the US and Russia coming later this year I am confident that the Company is on-course to meet market expectation in 2014.”

Read the entire article on Lancashire Business View

Clean Air Power has entered into a funded concept development agreement with Ricardo Inc, to develop a dual-fuel engine for a South East Asian Market

Source: LNG News

Adapted from Press Release by Katie Woodward

This is the first program to be awarded through the cooperation agreement between CAP, a developer in dual-fuel engine management software for heavy-duty vehicles, and Ricardo, a global truck manufacturer. The agreement was signed in September 2013.  

The development program will use Clean Air Power's Dual-Fuel combustion technology to deliver an advanced dual-fuel engine that not only achieves its emissions objective but also reduces the extent of emissions after-treatment required by the base diesel engine. Following the successful completion of a concept phase (expected to last 6 months), the agreement will then enter a second stage to bring the advanced dual-fuel engine to start of production. 

John Pettitt, CEO of Clean Air Power, commented: "It is a pleasure to be announcing a concept study so quickly after entering the cooperation agreement with Ricardo. This is a very exciting but challenging program which highlights the interest in our technology in major world markets including Asia."

The jointly funded Stobart Group, BOC and Technology Strategy Board LNG refueling station in Appleton Thorn, near Warrington, Cheshire, is now fully on-stream.


Author: Brian Tinham

Part of the £23m programme being coordinated by the TSB to encourage road haulage operators to switch to low-carbon commercial vehicles, the new LNG refuelling station is already enabling Eddie Stobart to operate 20 new dual-fuel Volvo tractor units, using Clean Air Power conversion technology, from the site, which is also open to other LNG commercial vehicle fleet operators. 

Visiting the new refuelling station, Jon Horsley, the TSB's lead technologist, low carbon vehicles, said: "The Technology Strategy Board is committed to supporting the introduction of low-carbon vehicles to the logistics industry, which ... is crucial to the UK economy. I am delighted that [we] have been able to help support BOC and Stobart launch this new LNG facility." 
The refuelling station forms part of the TSB's match-funded project to track both the usage of LNG and the reduction in CO2 emissions. 

It is based on innovative 'zero loss' refuelling technology, developed by BOC (part of the Linde Group) to eliminate environmentally damaging methane losses during refuelling. It uses cryogenic cooling to 'temperature-condition' the fuel just prior to dispensing, which prevents leaks. "BOC's partnership with Stobart in this project is proof of our long-term commitment to play an active part in the transition to low-carbon transport," commented Mark Lowe LNG business manager for BOC. 
Eddie Stobart general manager for fleet compliance Phil Spittle added: "The transition from diesel to dual-fuel technology has been extremely smooth and has allowed us to help stimulate innovation in the logistics sector. 
"The use of dual-fuel vehicles is an exciting development and will support the increasing need for Eddie Stobart and its customers to reduce their carbon footprint." 
Dual fuel allows natural gas to be used in conjunction with diesel, reducing the total consumption of diesel and cutting CO2 emissions. LNG typically accounts for up to 60% of total fuel consumption for a dual-fuel modified vehicle. 
Diesel produces around 2.6 kg of CO2 for every litre burned, whereas LNG when used with diesel in a dual fuel vehicle typically reduces CO2 emissions by 10—14%. 

DHL Supply chain now has a total of 101 LNG and diesel dual-fuel tractor units in the UK, with another 51 already on order - making this the largest dual-fuel HGV fleet in the country.


Author: Brian Tinham

The announcement follows DHL's latest conversion of a fleet of 63 new Volvo trucks at its flagship consumer and life sciences distribution hub, in Bawtry, Yorkshire, which went live early in September this year. The company expects to expand this fleet to 70 or 80 to cope with the peak trading period of Christmas. 

The new trucks – all Volvo 6x2 mid-lifts – are a mix of FM 460s, fitted with the new GTXL cabs and Volvo's factory fit version of CAP's (Clean Air Power) dual-fuel system, alongside DHL's preferred Volvo standard FH 460s, equipped with retrofit CAP aftermarket dual-fuel systems. 

The rest of DHL Supply Chain's existing dual-fuel fleet – all also FH 460s – comprises 27 in Scunthorpe, two operating out of Crick (Dirft) and three on temperature-control duty from Wisbech. DHL is also running a further six Volvo dual-fuel tractor units into continental Europe. 

Ian MacAulay, innovation and business development manager with DHL Supply Chain, explains that conversion of its latest Volvo tractor units – each of which will be hauling semi-trailers in the 40—44 tonne range, double shifted and averaging 180,000km per year – is part of DHL Supply Chain's GoGreen agenda, which aims to reduce carbon emissions company-wide by 30% against 2007's figures, by 2020. 

"Diesel is a huge area of focus for DHL globally, but the UK has our largest diesel commercial vehicle fleet – 7,500 vehicles and 10,000 trailers – which contributes 87% of our carbon footprint," states MacAulay. 

"So this is a big focus for us... Diesel also represents about 75% of the whole life costs of our trucks," he continues. "The expectation is 10—14% carbon saving running on fossil energy. So that's an annual saving of 1,200 tonnes of CO2 across the 63 units at Bawtry, which is equivalent to 5,933 semi-trailers full." 

As for the mix of Volvo factory-fit systems and CAP aftermarket conversions, he says: "We need to understand both technologies, in terms of longevity and cost. So we're putting them in the business for a substantial period of time to get the right balance." 

Christina Eriksson, Volvo's business manager for alternative drivelines, states that the main differences concern the number of gas injectors and the detail of the integration. 

"We doubled the number of gas injectors from six in the CAP retrofit unit, to 12 in our factory-fit version to improve the precision of gas injection control," she says. 

"That allows an increase in the substitution rate and higher percentage of methane – so a more efficient solution. But we've also fully integrated the system fully into our product so that it communicates two-way with the ECU, rather than being read-only off the Volvo CANbus." 

Also crucial to the Bawtry project, which cost DHL around £8.1 million, is a state-of-the-art, zero-losses LNG refuelling station, developed, installed and operated by BOC. MacAulay estimates payback on the total investment well within three years. 

"We've done a lot of other interventions already, including speed reduction, specifying fully-automated transmissions across the fleet and aerodynamic initiatives, but it's clear that in heavy transport there are very few other viable options," states MacAulay. 

"So we believe dual-fuel is the way to go where the duty cycle and environment fits – which, for us, sits around 40—44 tonne high mileage trunking with tractor and semi-trailer combinations. That's the best saving." 


The Aim-listed company surged on news of the oligarch's investment.

Publication: The Telegraph
Author: Ben Martin

Dealers were betting the arrival of Roman Abramovich on the shareholder register of Clean Air Power today would boost the group’s push into Russia.

The Chelsea FC owner’s Ervington Investments vehicle has taken a stake of about 1.5pc in the Aim-listed company through participation in a £5m share placing, and Zara Shvidler, the wife of a close friend of Mr Abramovich, has bought a similar holding.

Clean Air has developed technology allowing trucks with diesel engines to run on clean and cheap natural gas and will fund marketing and sales in both Russia and the US with money raised from the placing. Traders sent the shares surging 3, or 32.4pc, to 12¼p on hopes the backing of Mr Abramovich, who has made a string of investments in green technology, will help Clean Air win business in the oligarch’s homeland, where considerable investment in the gas refuelling infrastructure has been proposed.

In the wider market, the FTSE 100 added 45.23 points to 6,492.1 but the gain was not enough to stop the blue-chip index from sliding 0.1pc on the week, its third consecutive loss. Ahead of the long Bank Holiday weekend, trading volumes were predictably light, with some dealers having already decided to call it a week.

Read the full article at The Telegraph