Dual-Fuel™ Requirements
  • No changes are required to the base engine – a modification is carried out on the induction system only;
  • Retains diesel FIE (Fuel Injection Equipment) as the ignition source;
  • Easy to retro-fit, dealer fit and factory fit with minimum parts and process complexity – suitable for higher volume, lower cost production;
  • Does not require production line commitment for product launch;
  • Product manufacture and launch can be managed via dealer network;
  • Can fall back to 100% diesel, or via a diesel limp home strategy.
SI Natural Gas Requirements
  • New cylinder head, piston, lower compression ratio (CR), turbocharger, modified cooling system & ignition system;
  • Potentially lower cost ignition system with higher maintenance requirement;
  • Requires new dedicated gas engine manufacture – requires modified factory line or significant and expensive off-line processes;
  • Dedicated to gas – no fall back or limp home system
  • Requires a high level of commitment from production engineering;
  • Very difficult to retro fit or dealer fit;

Dual-Fuel™ technology offers a better solution than spark ignition, natural gas engines. By using a small amount of diesel fuel as a “liquid spark plug,” Dual-Fuel™ natural gas engines are able to operate at the same compression ratios as a diesel-fuelled engine (around 16:1). They are powerful, efficient, straightforward and need no air throttles or spark plugs.

Significant cost savings on fuel, higher profits for operators and fewer emissions for the environment all come as standard with Dual-Fuel™.