Dual-Fuel™ systems have been developed for commercial vehicle operators as an after-market, retro-fit called Genesis and Genesis EDGE, but also as a fully integrated OEM technology. For Genesis trucks, the electronic control system communicates with the vehicle control system, regulating fuel supply while retaining all vehicle systems such as cruise control, traction control and electronic gear shifting.

Interfaced Dual-Fuel™ technology works in partnership with the OEM engine. The control system is directly interfaced with the manufacturer’s engine controller, giving ultimate control to the Dual-Fuel system. This delivers the highest levels of performance and gas substitution with the lowest certified emissions.

Whether Genesis retro-fit or fully integrated OEM, Dual-Fuel™ technology allows heavy duty diesel engines to run almost entirely on natural gas, thanks to a small diesel injection. This works like a liquid spark plug to ignite compressed fuel. The diesel engine itself remains largely unchanged, which means no loss of high performance or the efficiency of a four-stroke diesel cycle.

Efficiently burning up to 90 percent natural gas, Dual-Fuel™ delivers lower fuel costs for operators, a lower carbon footprint and fewer harmful air quality emissions from the tailpipe. Dual-Fuel™ can operate normally on bio-methane and bio-diesel, bringing the potential to run vehicles or entire fleets as carbon-neutral.

Dual-Fuel™ seamlessly re-calibrates to operate on 100 percent diesel fuel should the on-board gas supply run out. Peace of mind for operators – and truckers.

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