Many companies in the commercial vehicle sector claim to have developed ground breaking technologies that promise benefits for business and the environment. But very few can boast the proud track record of Clean Air Power.

Our technology works – and not just in a laboratory or through limited trials. More than 2,000 trucks worldwide have been fitted with Clean Air Power’s Dual-Fuel technology, bringing significant cost reductions to their operators and wider benefits for the environment through lower emissions. But don’t take our word for it. Click below to read our case studies.

General Dynamics (now L3 Land Systems)

Date : 12-03-2007

Clean Air Power’s components division supplies a hydraulic transmission shift control valve to L3 Land Systems (formerly General Dynamics) for fitment into the Bradley fighting vehicle.

The tracked vehicle is in service with armies of the USA and Saudi Arabia and since 1981, 6,720 vehicles have been fielded.

The role of the M2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle is to transport infantry on the battlefield, to provide fire cover to dismounted troops and to suppress enemy tanks and fighting vehicles. The M2 carries three crew, commander, gunner and driver, plus six fully equipped infantry men. The M3 performs scout missions and carries three crew plus two scouts.

Model: Bradley fighting vehicle
Product: Hydraulic transmission shift control valve

Gas Engine Component Clients

Date : 15-03-2007

Clean Air Power's components division supplies Natural Gas Injectors to a wide variety of clients across a broad range of engine applications. From buses and refuse trucks to medium duty trucks, it can provide components that will work both on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Our blue chip clients span a number of industry sectors, with engines ranging from 8 to 11 litre displacement up to 350bhp, on both single and multi point injection engines.

  • Mack Trucks
    Model: E7G
    Volume Air/Fuel Mix: 11 litre displacement, single point EFI
    BHP: 325, 350 bhp ratings
    Vehicle Purpose: Refuse collection vehicles
    Fuel Type: LNG and CNG

  • Volvo Trucks
    Model: MG9
    Volume Air/Fuel Mix: 9 litre displacement
    Fuel Injector: Multi-point EFI
    BHP: 275 bhp rating
    Vehicle Purpose: Buses and medium duty trucks
    Fuel Type: CNG

  • John Deere
    Volume Air/Fuel Mix: 8 litre displacement
    Fuel Injector: Multi-point EFI
    BHP: 275 Bhp
    Vehicle Purpose: School, Transit Buses and refuse collection vehicles
    Fuel Type: LNG