Clean Air Power has a reputation for making innovative, durable and reliable components. And for selling them to the world’s most discerning clients for the most demanding commercial vehicle applications.

They are the cornerstone for helping achieve real reductions in emissions from road transport, a concern for business, governments and wider society. These includes greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, a by-product of burning fossil fuels. But also air quality emissions, such as carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and diesel particulates (or soot).

Hundreds of customers rely on Clean Air Power every day for their components to support natural gas engine systems. These are integral to delivering low-emission gasoline, natural gas and diesel vehicles, trucks and LCVs that meet ever-tighter worldwide emission targets. And for cutting operator costs.

Clean Air Power products include hydraulic valves, gas injectors, shut off valves, coalescing filters: natural gas components and filtration components.

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