Dual-Fuel™ technology presents a winning combination: a powerful and efficient engine compared with a spark-ignited natural gas equivalent, a proven technology that produces substantially lower CO2 emissions than a diesel vehicle, and an asset that works to improve significantly the bottom line for its operator.

Cost Savings

  • Better fuel economy than a dedicated natural gas engine
  • Average in-service gas substitution rates: 60%-80% in target markets
  • Favourable payback periods – return on investment within three years for Interfaced Dual-Fuel™
  • Protected truck resale values, thanks to straightforward conversion back to dedicated diesel
  • Strong NPV – nearly £30,000 over five years for a UK operator
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Performance and Efficiency
  • Closely matches diesel power, torque  and efficiency
  • No change to diesel engine compression ratio - un-throttled with lean-burn combustion
Dual-Fuel™ beats standard diesel power with fewer air quality pollutants and less greenhouse gas emissions. These include:
    • Oxides of nitrogen (NOx)
    • Particulate matter (PM)
    • Soot (smoke)
    • Carbon monoxide (CO)
    • non-methane hydrocarbons
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) - and total greenhouse gases
  • Emissions equivalent to a dedicated natural gas engine, but with less carbon dioxide (CO2)
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Fuel Flexibility

  • Dual-Fuel™ engines run on 100 percent diesel if gas is not available
  • Dual-Fuel™ engines can run on liquid natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG)

Proven In-Field Operation

  • More than 2,700 systems proven worldwide, operating under varied duty cycles and applications
  • Global warranty and product support service
  • Significant cost savings proven by customers