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Thanks to Dual-Fuel™, carbon emissions from HGVs and CVs are cut by as much as 20 percent, while operators could save tens of thousands of pounds a year for each vehicle. In the UK, for example, the cost differential between diesel and gas is around 35 percent. Trials have established a cost saving of around £12,000 ($18,000) on fuel costs alone.

But Clean Air Power is not just trialing technology. Dual-Fuel™ technology has already been fitted to more than 2,700 vehicles around the world in real-world, commercial applications. And some of these vehicles have now been operating for more than six years. Click here to read some of our case studies.

The technology works by allowing heavy duty diesel engines to run primarily on natural gas, with diesel acting like a liquid spark plug. Minimal changes are required to the standard diesel power plant itself. High efficiency comes as standard with Dual-Fuel™, with trucks running on up to 90 percent natural gas.

Clean Air Power has successfully launched its Genesis Dual-Fuel retro-fit product – developed for easy application with Euro 3 and 5 trucks in Europe – and the company is now developing a U.S. Genesis-EDGE system.

Clean Air Power was founded in 1991 and its strong senior management team brings extensive experience and skills from within the transport sector. It is an active technology developer with 65 patents held and pending.

With customers in the US, UK and most recently Australia, Clean Air Power operates on a global stage. And it is set for rapid growth. It has a dedicated R&D facility in Leyland, Lancashire, UK, where the company focuses on further development of its retro-fit Dual-Fuel™ technology and its new OEM integrated engine systems.

This integration has already been successfully applied on DAF and Mercedes-Benz engines and will form the core of any Dual-Fuel™ application to an engine with OEM cooperation.




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